Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 28, 2010 - She Got Her Braces Off!

It was time for the driver's side. Hard to believe that the driver's side was worse then the passenger side, ...but it was. There was more rust on the frame rails that needed to be treated.

The rear brace that connects the rear back-rest was also in bad shape but Mark had a fix for that too.

We cut away the driver's floor pan and torque box and removed the pedals and steering colum before fitting the new pans. Mark did most of the driver's side floor pan while I was off earning a living.

**Little Hint** while cleaning the front suspension area, I found a lot of crud ( official term for " no idea what the heck it is") in the ledge behind the coil spring, on top of the frame rail. There are holes in the bottom of that ledge that lead me to believe that they are weep holes. I can not find any good on-line images of this area but after I cleaned about 2" of "crud" the holes were exposed. I will be cleaning this area well, priming and painting it too. This is a great spot for rust to start. AGAIN!

So here is the new under carriage. We did not put the seat supports in at this point.

Before this image was taken, the floor braces were installed. It got late on us last night so I don't have the new view of the under carriage posted.

After we cleaned the top of the Floor Pans, we coated the area that will receive the Seat Risers.

We wanted the area that will be very hard to seal to be done while it was still easy to get to.

I took the time to prep and seal the bottom of the Seat Riser before it went in too.

After it was sealed, we removed the sealer from the area that will be welded to. I know, we used the weld thou primer before but we still ended up grinding off the primer before we welded because the primer was giving us a head ace. So we decided to grind off what was needed and then we will re-seal those areas that we are able to seal again after the welding is done.

We tacked the Seat Riser in the center first then the edges then fitted and welded the rest.

I sealed the entire area after the welding is complete.

This is the brace that had to be removed and repaired before it was put back in.

Mark ended up making the entire bottom of the Driver's side brace then welding it in place.